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Get up to a 15% discount on your regular sessions.

Everyone knows the benefits of receiving massages on a regular basis and our clients always get surprised when they improve and stay healthy for longer! Find the real benefit of staying pain-free. The sessions do not necessarily have to go on forever for you to be pain-free. Regularity allows for the overall physical and mental conditioning to last longer and longer between sessions, meaning that it has an accumulative effect by making the soft tissue spongy (as oppose to hardened and stiff), your joints flexible, it moves stagnated fluids and pushes them to where they are meant to go to, it oxygenates the whole system, accelerates the waste process meaning that it has a detox effect, it gives you better night's sleep, the mood improves because it releases endorphin hormones! Confidence also improves because YOU KNOW you are taking care of yourself, you value your wellbeing. Eventually, you will not need such regularity of massages and possibly none at all for a gooood while or ever again! A different thing is to keep having them for the pleasure of indulging! In any case, we'd be happy for you to join.

I opted to make it a 6-month term because within this time it allows me to work on any issues. Usually by the 6th month the goal is achieved and sometimes even faster if I have suggested a very doable conditioning workout program or if you are already an active person.

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I believe that everyone looking into committing to regular massage sessions should be able to try first. Just give us a "Like" on the Facebook page and contacts us to arrange your free taster. After you had liked the page you will have 4 weeks to book your appointment. The Free Taster is a 15-minute clothed-up seated massage on upper back-neck-shoulders.


When you sign up to our mailing list to receive seasonal offers, events, interesting information, information about changes and more, you get a 10% discount to be applied to one 60-minute session, including:

I personally do not like to be bombed with marketing emails, so rest assured that I will never do that. It is just a way to stay updated with important information IF there is anything I believe it would benefit you knowing. Click here and subscribe today! Don't forget to follow up the confirmation email to be in our list.


  • Get a £5 voucher every 5 treatments of an hour minimum.

Many are already enjoying the benefits of the Loyalty Rewards. Be one of them and start saving! 

Conditions: only when booking directly with us, not via the Treatwell platform. Any sessions using any discounts do not count towards the Loyalty Reward Scheme.


  • You get a £5 discount for every new client you bring to us. But that is not all...
  • your friend gets a 10% discount!

You may talk to any family member with musculoskeletal or stress issues, your gym mates, Yoga classmates, work colleagues... and take advantage of it! Not applicable to Couples Massage.


  • Nurses (not an NHS discount. Only applicable to Nurses from any health body)
  • Full-time Teachers (not lecturers/assistants)
  • Care/Social/Support Workers
  • Counselling Therapists
  • Full-time Students (we can only accept student cards with the academic year on it)



Simply bring your badge only once on your first visit for the discount to be applied then and on further sessions. Only when booking directly with us, not via the Treatwell platform.

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Some health insurances provide with an annual allowance to be used towards massage. Some of them include:

  • Paycare
  • Healthshield
  • Westfield Health
  • Bupa
  • UK Healthcare
  • Simplyhealth


Ana offers discounted packages. Click on each link and scroll down to find the courses.

Terms & Conditions apply on all offers and courses.

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