Ana Guerrero


"A happy body is a happy and efficient mind. Good therapies, good food, good thoughts and exercise are key to maintain a good health, oxygenate, heal and rejuvenate, which allow us to build up a satisfactory life style. "It feels great being responsible for the transformation my clients go through after the treatments because I am a results driven therapist and I genuinely care for your recovery. It is a truly rewarding job which I consider to be an art, the Art of Healing, the Art of Massage."





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-- BSc Hons in Acupuncture by the Northern College of Acupuncture in Micklegate, York from October 2016 to October 2020

  • Consultation and diagnostic skills including pulse taking and tongue analysis

  • Acupuncture

  • Cupping

  • Gua Sha

  • Dietary and lifestyle advice

  • Research and its relevance

-- Specialized Technician in Manual Therapies (Remedial/Sports/Deep Tissue Massage) 2005-2006.At Quirosoma School ( C/Troya, 1 - Valencia - Spain).
  • Thorough study of Anatomy & Physiology
  • Exploration and Diagnose
  • Sports Injuries techniques (Trigger Points, Cyriax, Cupping, Cryo-Massage, bowel massage...) treating tendons, ligaments, muscles, trapped nerves, and easing some structural problems such as Scoliosis, hip unbalance... Also asthma, colds, congested smokers lungs, blocked intestines...
  • Indications and Contra-indications
  • Types of injuries and treatment
  • Preventive massage
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Lymph Drainage
  • Passive Stretch techniques


-- Sensitive Gestalt Massage 2006-2007 at Philosomatics Schools in Valencia, Spain.

The Sensitive Gestalt Massage® is one of the disciplines of Philosomatics®, which is Corporal Counselling. The course took place in Valencia (Spain) and in Locarno (Switzerland). Teacher: Miguel Angel Beltran, creator of the School of Philosomatics®.

Ana Guerrero

  • Meditation
  • Study of Gestalt psychology/philosophy
  • Meditative massage on the Hammock (Valencia, Spain)
  • Tansu: meditative mat work (Spain)
  • Watsu: meditative massage in the water using Shiatsu techniques (at El Moira, Locarno, Switzerland)
  • A Self-Experience week retreat (El Moira, Locarno, Switzerland)
  • Gestalt Pregnancy Massage
  • Deep Relaxation & Meditation
  • Transformation to personal growth, fulfillment and integrity within our individual nature


Amethyst Holistic Training in York, 2013

-- Spinal Mobilisation & Mobilisation Master-Class

John Gibbons, in Oxford, February 2016

-- Indian Head Massage

Gateway Workshops, Di Wilson, March 2016

-- Thai Foot Massage

Face the World, Sarah Collins, March 2017


Other trainings: First Aid, Health & Safety, COSHH, Health & Social Care Diploma Level 2




Myself, Ana Guerrero, was born in the north of Spain and brought up in Valencia, east coast of Spain. My mum was a business owner and my dad was in the National Forces (Guardia Civil). They had four kids, two boys and two girls. I came to England after finishing high school as I felt I needed to expand my wings and it has been one of the best things I have done for myself because I got to truly meet myself outside my comfort zone. 

I grew up hoping my extra sensitiveness would calm down at some point.... but it has not. What I had to do was (still work in progress) to learn to live with it, learning about its gifts and challenges, learning what my boundaries are and how much of myself I want to give to the ones around me. In this regard, taking the journey of learning about massage, touch, giving, receiving and the therapeutic effects involved, have allowed me to work on my sensitivity and how to use it to my benefit as for the benefit of my clients, understanding my own boundaries and respecting my clients'.

After finishing primary school I went to high school, where I took drama classes for two years alongside my studies. I learnt again about my body and how I express myself towards the world. After finishing high school, I decided I did not want to go to university because I had far too many interests; I did not want to dedicate myself to studying just one subject. I took the year off and found a job waiting tables. During that sabbatical year, a picked up the flyer of a somatics school of what we call in Spain Quiromasaje, which is Sports Massage. I felt some kind of resonance, like a confirmation, my whole body said YES. So I went for it!

Well, it was just the most amazing thing! I truly found myself in the study of the human body and how to influence it to gain better health. And I was naturally good at it! It was a year long course, we went to class four days a week, we did sports events massaging, we even got to see a real human leg in class!! And touch it!! With gloves, obviously. My curiosity grew so much I even got myself a white tunic and got went into one of the dissection rooms of the Faculty of Medicine in Valencia to see full bodies all layered so you can see every tissue, nerve, organ... And I tell you what, it was fascinating! An amazing experience. I even answered correctly to one question the teacher asked the group! Everyone else was silent! Hahaha! That was great for my ego.

After I finished my Quiromasaje studies, where I found my path, it seemed as if "the doors" were opening for me to carry on with this enriching path and I was called to join a pioneer group of Sensitive Gestalt Massage in Spain in 2006. I was invited to do the 1st of the three parts of the course for free! So I thought I'd give it a try. I ended up completing the whole course because I sensed how it was changing my life already. Learning about Philosomatics and Gestalt was revealing and truly deep. The course always started with a meditation to connect with our "centre" before learning and practicing. This is a habit I still do for some of my treatments, only a shorter version which I like calling Focussing. This meditation practice was followed by a personal feedback from us pupils and then, before going to practice, Miguel A., the teacher, would talk to us about the meaning of Philosomatics, Gestalt and Sensitive Gestalt Massage. And then we'd learn and practice the wonderful approaches and techniques of this form of Corporal Counselling.

I made beautiful friends from all over the world as it was part of the course to do a Self-Experience week in Ticino, Locarno, next to the Lacco Maggiore in lovely Switzerland, where we also had an introduction to Watsu (a form of Shiatsu massage in water) and Tansu (a form of mat work).

This course was a huge confirmation for what I really saw myself doing which is helping people feel better in different levels by providing of good, sensible and professional therapy. Skills do not make you a healer, genuine care does (with the added skills and knowledge!).

I feel that having studied Sports Massage has given me the knowledge and tools to be technical and precise on the more physical level, but after having studied Sensitive Gestalt Massage®, I know that massage therapy is more than physical work, that ANY massage is way more effective and beneficial when it is holistic as it embraces a higher spectrum of the individual's nature. This wholesome blend of knowledge can be enjoyed in my therapies and apparently it won't leave you indifferent!

After finishing S.G.M. studies, I left Spain because I felt I wanted to spread the wings and find life for myself. I arrived to the beautiful York in January 2008 and started working at La Tasca as a runner. Only three months after I was made waitress (it usually takes 6 months) and was awarded for an efficient team work input and about two weeks later I won the mystery customer with a 100%! It was all flowers and even though I was in a foreign country, perfecting a foreign language, getting used to the cold and an extremely busy work atmosphere, I seemed to be doing great! I met amazing people I am still friends with and I adapted very well. After a year and a half I decided to change jobs and worked for Piccolino (yummy!), Del Rios (favourite restaurant!!), Jamie's Italian (no comment) and then I felt confident enough to start doing what I love the most: HEALING!

I started from home in 2010, then I hired a therapy room in Miller's Yard for about four years and then I moved on to a lovely studio I made my healing oasis, in Heworth, above Newton's Hairdressers. Click here for the full address. And I am the happiest egg in York, loving my job and the wonderful and enriching connections I make with my beloved clients. Now I am studying Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to become an Acupuncturist so I can start taking care of my hands without having to say bye to such a beautiful career and path. 

In October 2018 I launched the YCTW, York Community Therapy & Wellbeing CIC (community interest company) which aimed to make private therapy more accessible to the disadvantaged. Unfortunately in April 2019 I had to dissolve it due to having too much on my plate. BUT, out of such wonderful initiative, the Healing for the Homeless project became a reality. Once a month I offer remedial massage therapy at the Peasholme Hostel in York, partly funded by the generous City of York Council and partly volunteer.

Places I worked at as a massage therapist back in Spain:

5 STARS HOTEL/SPA SIDI SALER (Saler beach, Valencia, Spain). Here I performed spa, beauty, relaxation and sports massage treatments for the guests of the hotel and visitors.

JAUME ROIG, PRIVATE BEAUTY CLINIC (C/ Jaume Roig, Valencia, Spain). Performed beauty treatments such as slimming massage, rejuvenating natural lifting and chocolate massage.

MASAJES A 1000 (C/ Isabel la Catolica, Valencia). At the very centre of Valencia, performed sports massage, relaxation and massage on-site for the professionals of the area. Seated massage was a regular practice too.


FHT - Federation of Holistic Therapists