The feedback from my clients is very appreciated so thank you all very much. ALL comments on this page are genuine


Allan R. 04/10/18


After putting up with muscular back pain for a few months, I decided to get a sports massage to hopefully resolve the issue. After one hour with Ana, the pain is pretty much gone and my range of movement has increased. Ana explained what the issues were as she worked on my back and the satisfying 'pop' sound as she realigned my spine and unstuck a muscle from my shoulder blade was worth the cost alone! I booked another session as soon as we finished. Highly recommended.

Anna R. 11/06/18


Such a gorgeous hot stone massage, I left feeling like an absolute goddess!! Ana was a wonderful therapist and the experience was divine! I highly recommend booking with her and I will definitely be booking in again!

Stevie L. 01/06/18


I've been on the lookout for a massage therapist for a while but I was a little wary due to the pain the last couple I'd tried had caused. I can't stress how different Ana is- she was able to pinpoint what was causing me pain with such ease, and she engaged with me the whole way. She made sure to ask if the pressure she was using was okay (something no one else has and it makes such a difference!), and gave me some tips to help my pain in between appointments.

I'm a bit of an awkward/anxious person but she really put me at ease during the appointment, which I appreciate. Now, for the first time in months, I've gone more than a week without daily tension headaches and it's all down to Ana, so thank you so much!!

Ruth T. 25/05/18


Ana has healing hands that find all your sore spots and work on unknotting them. She also tells you why your muscles are sore and provides really useful information and exercises to help support recovery. Her therapeutic room feels very calming as does Ana's own energy. She is the best massage therapist I have ever been too and I will be returning to her soon. If you are looking for a new massage therapist then look no further - Ana is your lady. 

Stefan M. 11/05/18


I've had a few Sports massage over time and this is by far the best. Ana is very good and offers a relaxed friendly environment. I left feeling amazing.

Jo M. 24/04/18


Ana is nothing short of magical. I had been suffering from acute back/shoulder/chest and neck pain for over 4 weeks. I have seen 2 A & E consultants due to crippling pain and 2 GPs. Advised it was muscular and given physio and an abundance of pain killers. Having not slept more than 3 hrs for over 4 weeks due to the level of pain i recalled a friend telling me about a therapist above Newtons Hairdressers in Heworth. I spoke with Ana on the Saturday desperate for an appointment. Ana saw me at 8am on Monday. She explained my back/shoulder and chest pain in the most easy way to understand something no medic had done over the last few weeks. Ana then proceeded to do her magic. Throughout the entire time Ana told me exactly what she was doing and why I was in so much pain. I took no pain killers on the day Ana treated me as they were having no impact on the pain. Following the incredible session with Ana i was able to move with a freedom i have not had in over 4 weeks. I also slept free of pain relief for the whole night, again something i have not done in weeks. Ana you have been an absolute life saver and I look forward to our continued sessions. I cannot convey enough the amazing skill of Ana and i thank you so very much. Increíble Ana

Martha L. 26/02/18


Absolutely superb - genuinely blown away by the quality of treatment. I have terrible shoulders and they now feel like jelly after deep tissue massage and trigger point work. My sleep has improved.

I will be organising a return visit!!

Sarah H. 26/02/18


Went to see Ana as my back is so problematic after having my baby - I had a sports massage and it was excellent.

Ana is really thorough , takes the time to understand what you want and offers an amazing massage . I can’t wait for my next appointment ! Thank you Ana 

Claire C. 15/02/18


I recently had a 90 minute Intuitive body massage with Ana, the results were amazing. As she worked I could feel stress being released from areas I was unaware were holding stress and, afterwards my body felt much more supple and I was more relaxed in myself. I slept like a log afterwards and can still feel the benefit of the physical release. Thanks Ana, I'll definitely be back

Jan M. 21/01/18


I’ve been massage therapist for many years myself and I struggled to find somebody to treat me, I’ve been picky of course because I know the industry.

But finally I found someone who has got the knowledge and skills, the combinations of these two qualities results in Ana providing top-class treatment! Finally I stopped looking and won't be going anywhere else for my treatment.

Jessica W. 10/01/18


As everyone else is saying on the Facebook page "the best massage I’ve ever had!" Techniques were used that were new to me and very effective. Ana is both skilled and gifted at what she does. 

Attention to the detail (from the oils, to the sheets, to the placement of support bolsters for the body) made the experience very enjoyable. 

I can’t wait to go back! Thank you, Ana.

Kylie J. 03/11/17


Absolutely incredible! Beautiful environment and Ana really does know her stuff, wow! Combines wholistic and sports massage. The best I’ve ever had by far! The combination of the small touches; like steamed lavender and the obvious know how makes for a great experience. I came away feeling like I’d had a full massage after a back shoulder and head massage! I’ll be recommending to all I know. It’s definitely worth a visit if you’re tight anywhere after sport or just for relaxation! Thank you so much.

Mike R. 07/09/17


Sports Massage is just great, Ana sure knows where those knots are!! I've suffered with my back for over 20 years, I have had numerous treatments but none as good as Ana. Highly recommended!!

Verda F. 30/08/17


I had some stiffness in my shoulder so decided to have a sports massage. Ana was very friendly and helpful. She started the session by assessing what problems and pain I experienced, and the massage was personalised to focus on these problems. After the treatment Ana gave advices on after-treatment to soothe the muscles, the muscles were slightly hurting as expected from the treatment but not uncomfortable. The result was very good, after three days the pain in my shoulder is gone and it seems to relieve the stiffness in my shoulder and back! I'm very happy with the service and would go back again :)

Daniella C. 30/08/17


Always a treat. You are able to fully relax and drift away. It is a very natural, earthy place which may take those used to glossy white, clinical spas by surprise (it did me on my first visit) but her hands are magical. You really do relax - she was born to do this type of therapy. 

Matt B.

John S. 10/08/17


The best massage I have ever had. I have mobility problems following a stroke. Ana understood the issues and tailored the massage to suit with stretching and gentle mobilisations to address my problems. Booked again next week. 

Hilary S. 31/08/17


Ana is extremely professional but very friendly. She is a super therapist who I have no doubt will help with my back pain. 

Chloe H. 08/09/17


Sports massage very deep and beneficial working out trigger points and knotted tissue. The hot stone add-on afterwards was amazing, soothing everything and leaving me very relaxed. Thank you Ana. 

Claudia G 
Claudia G. 08/07/17

My massages with Ana were truly excellent! She gave so much care and attention to ensure I had a good experience, and her attention to detail with even the smallest things has a really positive cumulative effect. I can't wait to go back to York again just to book another appointment. I can't recommend Ana highly enough! 

Naomi B.
Naomi B. 08/07/17

Simply the best massage I have ever had. Ana is a gifted and intuitive therapist.

Lia P.
Lia P. 02/07/17

I had a lovely pamper session with Ana ! I suffer from many old sporting injuries and I struggle to let go and relax! So Ana had a tuff job on with me!! Worth every penny! Already looking forward to the next one!! Did I mention how much I slept afterwards?! xxx

Kimberly R.
Kimberly R. 20/06/17

Ana is absolutely amazing, she is doing a fantastic job of sorting out my back and shoulders from previous sports injuries. Would recommend Ana to anyone!

Jim B.
Jim B. 28/04/17

I couldn't recommend highly enough. I suffer from shin splints and was having lower back pain. The treatment I received worked wonders. Ana has so much experience and lots of different therapies to offer!

Jenny K.
Jenny K. 12/04/17

Just been for my first massage with Ana to help my rubbish shoulders. Chose her based on really positive reviews online and I am happy to add my own. Really friendly and I felt completely confident in her straight away - even through the less comfortable moments :). Have already booked a follow up session.

Rebecca S.


Rebecca S. 28/03/17

Ana did a wonderful job at fixing the back pain I was suffering caused by lifting and bending with my new baby. I would recommend Ana to any new mums; if you can get the time off go to Ana, the massage was intense but very effective and relaxing.

Alison F.


Alison F. 24/02/17

Just had another great massage treatment with Ana. Again she has worked her magic and the tense neck muscles and painful shoulder are a thing of the past! Thanks again for your expertise and all the best with the Acupuncture degree. Will definitely be in touch if I'm back over in the U.K.

Alison F.


Previous review from Alison F. on the 29/08/16:

I had my first Sports Massage session with Ana about a week ago and I have to say it was the best massage I have ever had (and I've had a lot!). I used to get a lot of headaches due to stiffness in my neck, along with some pain in my shoulder, and I can honestly say I feel a hundred times better ever since my massage. Ana managed to work out a huge knot in my neck and I haven't felt any tension there since she worked her magic! I haven't felt any discomfort in my shoulder either. I thoroughly recommend booking a session with Ana, she really does make you feel well looked after and she's made a world of difference to me :)

Alice M.


Alice M. 14/02/17

Went for a Couples Massage as a Valentine's Day treat and we love it and a very warm and welcoming place. I had a Full Body Swedish Massage from Ana which was the perfect combination of nurturing and revitalising and felt very intuitive. Thanks so much!

Evelina E.
Evelina E. 03/01/17

I was given a voucher as part of my Christmas present. I went for the Indian Head Massage with the Foot Hot Stone Massage and really enjoyed both of those. Ana was very professional and made me feel comfortable and at ease. The experience left me very relaxed and stress-free and I'll definitely visit again in the future.

Anna S.
Anna S. 26/11/16

Really relaxing! A calm, warm and welcoming atmosphere. Fun and interesting staff. Amaaaaaazing massage! We had a Couples Massage, so my boyfriends and myself were treated at the same time in the same room, which was very special for both us both. So chilled! Would 100% recommend couples wanting to do something nice/different together. Great value for money.

Gessica G.
Gessica G. 17/11/16

Absolutely superb massage. I highly recommend this place. Best massage therapist in York.

Jade R.
Jade R. 16/10/16

Ana is one of the loveliest people I've ever met! I've had a Hot Stone Massage and a Sports Massage with her now, and I'm hooked. I've had back pain for so long now I just started to put up with it, but even one Sports Massage made such a massive difference. I had a full 3 days with no pain at all. but even now (a month later) the pain is nowhere near as bad as it used to be. And that was just one session! She also offers a lot of options for rewards and discounts so it's really affordable. I can tell she's so passionate about her work and I honestly can't recommend her enough. She listens and explains things and gives you exercises that help at home! If you have pain you need to fix I would recommend going to Ana - because she will help.

Alison F.
Alison F. 29/08/16

I had my first Sports Massage session with Ana about a week ago and I have to say it was the best massage I have ever had (and I've had a lot!). I used to get a lot of headaches due to stiffness in my neck, along with some pain in my shoulder, and I can honestly say I feel a hundred times better ever since my massage. Ana managed to work out a huge knot in my neck and I haven't felt any tension there since she worked her magic! I haven't felt any discomfort in my shoulder either. I thoroughly recommend booking a session with Ana, she really does make you feel well looked after and she's made a world of difference to me :)

Isla M.


Isla M. 29/07/16

Yesterday, after having had a headache for 5 days I went to see Ana for a 60 minutes Indian Head Massage followed by a 30 minutes Hot Stone Massage. It was 90 minutes of pure bliss and left me floating home in a happy headache free daze. I would highly recommend Ana and actually already have done to a number of people. Thank you Ana, I will most certainly be returning for more sessions with you.

Kirstie N.


Kirstie N. 20/05/16

I have met Ana on 5 separate occasions now for Indian Head Massages. Each massage has been slightly different depending on how I am feeling that day and what Ana felt might help. On one of the occasions I was suffering with a migraine so Ana concentrated on the area that I was feeling the pain. My migraine disappeared as a result which was brilliant. I asked Ana once about the warmth in her hands as I could really feel a warm energy coming through her hands onto me, as if there was some sort of healing energy within her. Ana is brilliant. A really lovely person and very experienced, insightful and skilled at what she does. I can't recommend her enough.

Hayley F.


Hayley F. 16/05/16

My sincere thanks Ana for being part of my solution to looking after myself. You have played a big part in my journey so far to improving my overall wellbeing. I've now gained the confidence and mental attitude to go on to get fit through diet and exercise. Having you care for me through massage has enabled me to care for myself and I am so very grateful for all your care and attention. Much love Hayley x

Peter D.


Peter D. 04/12/15

Wonderful treatments, which I found to also be very spiritual in nature, with the lovely, talented and experienced Ana. I have many treatments, when travelling and competing around the world but this was a unique experience and I can't wait to travel back to York again. Thank you very much Ana. It was a pleasure to meet you, a kindred soul on a similar spiritual journey. Love and light, Peter.

Cat E.


Cat E. 12/11/15

Ana is a really talented and caring therapist - she creates a whole experience from start to finish and everything feels seamless. She is incredibly intuitive and skillful in her work - the movements she makes are linked in clever ways so that you almost feel like water as she moves and guides you into relaxation. I've never had a massage like it and would recommend anyone to try!

Jacquie F.
Jacquie F. 05/03/16

Just had the most wonderful massage and facial by the fabulous Ana. Can honestly say it was the best I've ever had. Very attentive and intuitive service. l definitely recommend and will certainly go again - thank you x

Joseph C.
Joseph C. 13/02/16

Absolutely fantastic ana is professional and very very good at what she does will certainly be coming again thank you so much feel like a new man xx

Susan S.
Susan S. 20/02/16

I was given the 2 hour session as a present, the one called The Guru of Relaxation... WOW, it is the best thing Chris has ever bought me! Totally brilliant massage in every way. Ana is so lovely and chilled out that I felt at ease from the start. I will definitely be back, thank you x

Kim R.
Kim R. 28/02/15

Thank you Ana for the best massage and facial I've ever had, it was truly amazing. You were so professional and respectful. I thoroughly enjoyed every second and didn't want it to end. Regards Kim X

Lisa L.
Lisa L. 20/01/16

Had my first pregnancy massage today and loved it. Ana was really lovely, put me at ease and by the end I was so relaxed, I nearly fell asleep. My legs don't feel so achy anymore and I am looking forward to booking again for a treat very soon

Callum F. 04/03/16

All the previous reviews are correct. I don't think it's possible to find a better or more helpful therapist than Ana. Her treatments are of the highest quality and really helped!

Jenna W.
Jenna W. 5/11/15

Ana gave me the most wonderful hot stone massage. Her very intuitive, nurturing, whole being approach makes such a difference and I came out absolutely floating! Thank you so much

Daniel A.
Daniel A. 5/10/15

I've just had my first sports massage from Ana and it was an absolutely amazing experience. She found knots and sore spots that I didn't even know I had and I left feeling so loose and relaxed. Just fantastic, I can't recommend enough - I have already booked a follow-up session

Laura T.
Laura T. 2/08/15

Magical hands. I could barely lift my leg due to my muscles tightening because of an accident years before and Ana knew exactly how to overcome this in my sports massage. I felt extremely comfortable and really enjoyed her company and knowledge. I wouldn't recommend anyone else more highly than Ana. Extremely strong hands and really kneaded into my muscles to get rid of all the knots. It's been 3 months now and I haven't got the pain since, and I've started running again! I personally felt the massage was worth a lot more, thank you very much Ana.

Carol M.
Carol M. 28/10/15

Just to say how beneficial I found the Sensitive Gestalt Massage. I would never have thought that such a gentle massage could be so effective at relaxing and calming the whole body, almost from the inside out. A nurturing and caring experience that I would recommend to anyone in need of a de-stress. Thank you Ana

Beryl S.
Beryl S. 12/08/15

Solaris was recommended to me by my daughter. I requested a fairly strong massage on my neck, shoulders and back. Ana's treatment did not disappoint. She is professional and perceptive. Ana interpreted my requests perfectly and the whole experience was very relaxing. I left the salon feeling invigorated. It was my first visit, but it won't be my last!

Jo C.
Jo C. 12/08/15

I had a wonderful Integrative massage with Ana while I was in York for my birthday a few months ago. It was a surprise present from my partner and definitely one of the best massages I've had! Ana is really intuitive as to which of your muscles need more attention and I was so relaxed afterwards it took me half an hour to float a short distance across town for my birthday dinner. All the tension and stress was gone! She even left me some really tasty little chocolate eggs as a birthday present. At the time she was just about to start at her new premises and great to see the pictures of how nice it looks. Sorry Ana it's taken me so long to post you this review - if I lived nearer than 6 hours from York I'd definitely have been back (probably more than once) by now! Anyone thinking about a massage with Ana should definitely have one, as she's a brilliant masseur - thanks Ana

Fae B.
Fae B. 12/08/15

I've just had a pregnancy massage and it is the best massage I've ever had. Ana is a lovely lady and makes you feel very comfortable. Magic hands! Thank you so much.

Sarah J.
Sarah J. 07/08/15

I had a full body massage & facial at 38 weeks pregnant and it was AMAZING! I have had many massages and this was definitely one of the best I have ever had. Ana listened to exactly what I wanted. She gives a 10% discount for NHS staff too so I can afford to have massages with her more frequently! I will definitely be back soon!

Glenda E.
Glenda E. 03/08/15

Brilliant massage today by the very talented Ana, every bit as good as a thai massage xx

Katie L.
Katie L. 29/07/15

I've had many massages over the years and this was without doubt one of the best! Ana used a number of techniques which I haven't experienced before. The massage really helped alleviate some of my aches and pains. Will definitely book again! Thanks Ana x

Angelina Y.
Angelina Y. 27/06/2015

One of the best massage experiences I have ever had. As an experienced massage goer I've had massages all over the country and abroad, this is a top three. From the moment it starts, the calming tea, relaxing music, to the smell of the essential oil, to the rest of the sensual experience, everything was done very professionally with a personal touch. The masseuse was able to intuitively identify my pain points and tackling with technic I've never experienced before but very effective. I felt such a pity I don't live in York, otherwise I'd get a package and go regularly. The price is fair and I'd say higher value compared to some other spa places on high street.

Noelia M.
Noelia M. 06/2015

I have just been to use the Hot Stone offer with the Chocolate Facial and it has been the best massage experience I have ever had. Ana is an amazing skilled and kind of magical worker. I highly recommend her! And I got a discount for my next session! See you again soon Ana x

Hayley S.
Hayley S. 04/2015

Amazing head, neck and back massage with hot stones to finish. Ana is a lovely genuine person who makes you feel very comfortable and confident of her abilities. I feel like a new woman!

Lauren C.
Lauren C. 04/2015

Ana delivered my first proper massage treatment. I valued Ana's kindness and natural ability to relax me, guide me and also reflecting with me afterwards. I left with a feeling of having been specially looked after and cared for. It felt like some magic was cast :) I was looking for physical but also emotional soothing and Ana listened well to this. There is a real holistic care approach to what Ana is doing in her treatments. I'd recommend the Gestalt Massage - it pushed expectations I set for myself but I felt comfortable to do this with Ana. I will become a regular visitor, I will make sure of it. Thanks so much Ana. Lauren x

Sarah R.
Sarah R. 03/11/14

Highly recommend this wonderful massage with the lovely Ana. She makes you feel totally comfortable and relaxed. The senses are awoken with beautiful scents, gorgeous music and a superb massage. Felt great afterwards and will definitely be returning for more of this unique therapy. Thank you Ana!

Pippa E.
Pippa E. 29/07/14

Really recommend Anna and her lovely place. Such a relaxing atmosphere and soothing experience. Everything was perfect, all the minor details covered; from the music to the scented towels to the Anna's calming and relaxed demeanour. Couldn't fault a single thing. Left feeling like a new person!

Madeleine for Sensitive Gestalt Massage through Living Social 09/04/14

I must share with you this most brilliant experience I had a few weeks ago! I came to York to visit an elderly relative and had been in pain for some time due to pulling muscles of my back. I managed to get an appointment with Ana, hoping a massage may help a bit. I have had massages before from excellent therapists, but Ana made all pale into insignificance! It was a truly amazing experience! Although she had never meet me before, she was so skilled, she could immediately"tune in to my body and it was a joy to experience this great expertise! Afterwards I felt so relaxed and free from pain ans since then have felt so much better. As I write this "review" I am travelling back to York where I hope to have another massage from Ana! I would recommend Ana wholeheartedly to all! SHE IS TRULY GIFTED. Madeleine

(Private) Hot Stone Massage 2011

I go to Turkey twice a year and my favourite activity is going for Hot Stone Massage. This year I'm unable to go so I decided to give Ana's offer a try. There really was no difference with the turkish one! Great offer and service.

A. M.
A. M. - Sensitive Gestalt Massage (meditative massage) 2010

Eureka!! This evening was one of those eureka moments! Massage will never be quite the same again! I can't help but think you are a truly unique being, which of course we all are, but in terms of your outlook and latitude of thought in relation to how you give yourself in massage, is beyond classification. How refreshing to have found you Ana - despite having had a number of massages in the past, for me you have re-invented the wheel and gave me not only an exceedingly therapeutic massage but the start of a journey!

O. J.
O. J. (Runner) - Sports Massage 2010

Professional & Friendly are the words! I was made so comfortable from the outset. The quality of questions asked around my needs and the answers I received from questions I asked were evident of true therapeutic knowledge and experience. I left feeling revitalised. I will gladly recommend SOLARIS to anyone! Thanks.

I. C.
I. C. - Sports Massage 2010

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Hi there! I've been carrying an injury on a leg for years thinking that it was chronic until I tryed Ana. She explored the area and found the exact damaged muscle, then using different techniques like Cyriax (she said), massage with ice, trigger points and chinese cupping and only after the third session the injury was gone forever! Now I can work without pain/suffering thanks to the effectiveness of Solaris treatments! Now I just have to get 2 more treatments to get my free massage! Great stuff.

C. T.
C. T. - Sports Massage 2010

Excellent, truly effective! Hi all! I went to Ana because my back was holding so much tension that I couldn't even move my neck. My back, neck and shoulders muscles were all a single block! After the first treatment, not only the pain disappeared, but also I recovered the mobility AND I stopped smoking for 2 days!! The anxiety was gone! I just didn't need to smoke at all.And so I went back for a second treatment and I was only getting better.Unfortunately I had to move to Scotland but if I go back to York,I know who I want to treat me!