Ana is offering therapy at reduced rates for people who live under government benefits scheme due to being unable to work because of a health condition. Please make sure your health condition isn’t a contraindication of massage prior to booking. You can ask your GP.

What is being offered?

30-minute Cupping Massage

What can Cupping help with?

General benefits:

- Stiff muscles such as a frozen shoulder 

- Stagnation of blood, energy and fluids

- Breaks up tissue adherences

- Stretches muscles and connective tissue

- Creates an accumulation of blood where tissue nourishment is needed

- Relieves pain

- Improves circulation

Conditions it can treat: 

- Constipation

- Liver disease

- Palpitations

- Irregular periods

- Sciatica

- Migraines

- Asthma

- Insomnia




Do I qualify to having community therapy?

You need to bring proof of your situation:

1. Official medical diagnosis letter from your doctor

2. Official Job Centre letter showing that you are under the government benefits scheme

3. Or a copy of the last 3-month bank statement showing the government payments

When and where?

Every Monday 9:30 to 16:00 in our studio in Heworth

What is the cost of each treatment?

£12 for the 30-minute

Do I need to book in advance?


Is the room shared?

It may be but privacy will be kept at all times the best we can. We use a room divider too


Have you got any questions? Contact Ana