sports massage in york

Who is it for?

  • Sports massage should play an important role in the life of any sports man/woman whether they are injured or want to prevent injuries and keep detox and in tone
  • If you suffer from postural injuries as a result of a repetitive movement at work
  • If you are sat in front of a computer all day or on your feet all day
  • Fantastic for post-surgery periods where you have to remain in bed for a few weeks/months, causing muscle wastage, fascia adhesions and other weaknesses.

Ana's Sports Massage is very thorough and results driven. Other tools to help your injury may be used too, such as cupping which is the most effective form of deep tissue massage that there is available. Ana treats muscle, tendon, ligament, fascial trains and offers help alleviating and improving structural problems such as scoliosis, hyperlordosis, hyperkyphosis...

**Read my detailed description of the benefits of massage on physical, physiological and psychological levels.

My results-driven sports massage uses different techniques depending on your needs:
Myofascial release
Neuromuscular technique - trigger point therapy
Muscle energy technique
Soft tissue release
Passive stretches
Thermo and cryo therapy (heat/cold therapy)
Cyriax technique for tendon and ligament injury
Cupping therapy
Gua sha
Magnet therapy
Exercise/stretch suggestions to manage your injury on your own time. This allows for faster recovery


This is when IT ISN'T RECOMMENDED to receive massage.
  • Virus, Fever, Infection, Contagious conditions: when massaged, the blood circulation is stimulated which can and will cause the virus, fever or infection to spread throughout the system
  • Skin disease, when in crisis
  • Cuts (please cover them with a plaster prior to your appointment)
  • Abrasion, sunburn
  • Uncontrolled high/low blood pressure
  • Tumour. Speak to your doctor first
  • First 3 months of pregnancy as the foetus is not 100% settled in the womb. It can cause miscarriage.
  • Kidney/bladder stones: massage can make the stones travel around the bloodstream and can get stuck in a vessel causing a clot that can turn into an embolism which affects the tissues that won't receive any more blood supply.
  • Risk of thrombus: very similar to an embolism but in this case the blood clot is created at the site of origin.
  • Osteoporosis over 30%: this a progressive bone disease characterized by a decrease in bone mass and density which can lead to an increased risk of fracture. By massaging you are accelerating the deteriorating process.
  • Aneurosa: food poisoning
  • Uncontrolled diabetes

Anyone who doubts of a condition should consult her/his doctor before receiving massage. It is recommended that the person who receives the massage shouldn't drive, operate machinery or drink straight after.


£30 for 30 minutes

£40 for 45 minutes

£50 for 60 minutes


For discounted rates, check out the Well-Being Plans!


5 x 60 minutes £220


Even though Ana's Sports Massage has a rather holistic approach, a deep Sports Massage can be painful sometimes, it is what we call "good pain"; some people enjoy it, some others start enjoying it after 3 sessions or so. Why not finish off with something relaxing to bring that extra feel-good factor to your session? Take your Sports Massage experience to the next level by adding at least one of this fabulous extras


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"I had my first Sports Massage session with Ana about a week ago and I have to say it was the best massage I have ever had (and I've had a lot!). I used to get a lot of headaches due to stiffness in my neck, along with some pain in my shoulder, and I can honestly say I feel a hundred times better ever since my massage. Ana managed to work out a huge knot in my neck and I haven't felt any tension there since she worked her magic! I haven't felt any discomfort in my shoulder either. I thoroughly recommend booking a session with Ana, she really does make you feel well looked after and she's made a world of difference to me." Alison F. on the 29/08/16